The Butcher Byrd story

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit and to learn a little bit more about the story behind The Butcher Byrd.

I am Sasha, the sole designer, maker and boss lady. I started my journey into the artisan world of leathercraft in 2003 when I took a deep breath and a giant leap to take up full time study in Custom Made Shoes for two years in Adelaide. I then went on to make shoes for clients for the next few years and it was during this time that I started to play around with different bag designs, applying the skills of bespoke footwear to bag making. Some of my current designs like The Pocket Tote and The Retro Satchel are from this time, when I started to design and make bags for special loved ones like my mother and my partner, the love of my life, who would go on to be my husband and the father of our boys.

The Butcher Byrd was started in 2013, after our first son was born. I was on maternity leave after being sucked up into the daily grind of retail management and had  been messing about with leather baby shoes. I was deep in the juju of my mummy bubble and was out with my mum and her Pocket Tote that was just getting better and better after almost 10 years. I approached a shop about stocking some baby shoes and they very kindly declined but went on to compliment my mum's bag and said THAT'S what they would be interested in stocking. And with that my mummy bubble was well and truly popped and The Butcher Byrd was born.

The name came from my studio space. An old Butcher's shop front in Mile End, Adelaide. I love that not only does the name describe my surroundings, it conjures up images of a woman working with leather.

I love doing what I do. I love the opportunity it gives me to practise my craft every day. I love the artform of designing a leather bag which is easy to use, lasts a lifetime and will never date. I love the joy that my customers get when they receive their bag and the feedback that the quality and craftsmanship shines through. I love the flexibility it gives me to raise our loud, crazy and beautiful boys alongside my work.

Thank you! Every Butcher Byrd bag sold is lovingly made just for you. It is cut by hand, sewn and finished by me. It is packaged and posted straight from me, to you. It means that I can keep living this wonderful life that I truly love and keep making bags to last a lifetime that you will truly love.

xx Sasha